A DANCE WITH DEMONS – By Femi Ayo-Tubosun

It was dark and I wondered why I got out of bed at all.

“Stupid country,” I muttered.

I sat on my bed and looked out through the window to the stars above. People say there are constellations in them, I couldn’t see any.

Right then, I took notice of the unnatural quietness outside, the rain was drizzling but other than that, nothing else.

The fog lay unmoving in its vastness, keeping its secrets within. I knew something was wrong.

The darkness now seemed to push against the glass, and the glass almost visibly straining from the effort of resisting it.

I could hear them.

Their coming, preceded by a slow dull chant. They were coming for me.

The lightning flashed and for a brief moment I saw their faces. Those faces that hung just above the fog, how horrible they looked.

Storried A Dance with Demons

I hid under the sheets and tried not to breathe loudly as a knot formed in my throat.

The thunder rumbled, and the rain’s drizzle was an unshakable tenor in the masterpiece that was the night’s menacing tune.

Their chants continued. In reflex, my eyes shut close and I tried to pray, but then I remembered what I did. I shut my mouth too.

I opened it again.

“God please, just this once. I will never sin again.”

I heard the window open and their presence filled the room with a cold, undiluted terror. Tears rushed freely down my cheeks.

“God please”.

I felt cold as the dread washed me over. I dare not come out from under the sheets. Even if I did, it was too dark to see a thing, I couldn’t run for long. My demons would catch up with me. I just knew it.

Images from the local movies assailed my terror-filled mind and the slow realization that I’d die paralyzed me.

They formed up around my bed, all six of them. One for each of my sins.

Had I known.

I felt a hand on me, it’s warmness in sharp contrast to my bed’s temperature.

“Wake up,” My mum said, “It’s already morning”.

I came out from under the sheets.

No darkness, no fog. No demons.

It was a dream.



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2 comments on A DANCE WITH DEMONS

  1. ezeh says:

    Wow…kept me on edge…till I found out it wassa dream.
    Good one.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

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By Femi Ayo-Tubosun

It was dark and I wondered why I got out of bed at all.

“Stupid country”. I muttered.


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