The theme of the September 2017 #SMC was taken from a Mexican proverb and it proved quite a tricky one to understand and that was why we provided our authors a hint to go with it. This is the first time we would be providing a hint with the monthly theme.

Konkolo Untouchable interpreted the #SMC theme to our satisfaction. Konkolo is the story of a young man who once had an axe to grind with the society – having been raised without a father or mother on the streets of Lagos into a life of petty stealing and graduating into robbery – but was brought back from the precipice of destruction by a loving Priest who had caught him stealing in the Church. The story is one of Redemption and with a very strong theme. The young man is eternally grateful to his being redeemed by the Priest and he has come to pay his final tributes to the man who had saved him from self-destruction. And to imagine that the lesson of the story was shared with both the living and the dead is quite uplifting.
This story is one that we can relate to on a visceral level and to the extent that it was told from the perspective of the author, it is a story that will stick with anyone who reads it for a long time to come.
Congratulations Tolulope.


“Does anybody else have something to say?” The parish priest asked.

“I do,” I stood up in the second row and made my way to the altar. I removed my cap as I took a last glance at father Eric’s lifeless body in the casket; it wasn’t a sight for any way of eyes.

”I will only say a few things about father Eric. My name is Eric junior, the one they called ‘Konkolo untouchable’ back in the days.” I could hear their whispers.

“Don’t be surprised,” the auditorium went quiet. “As a child, I never knew my parents, I was just another homeless kid on the streets of Isale Eko trying to survive. Picture a confused little boy with no knowledge of his tribe, name or even a little shelter, sleeping and waking anywhere night falls only to continue roaming around without taking a bath or changing his clothes. I saw the good-looking people as the enemies who wouldn’t help a suffering child. I graduated from begging from people to stealing from them. Like every criminal begins, I started by stealing the small stuffs like candies, snacks, bread and the likes. I advanced to picking wallets, stealing small radios, beverages, shoes and cloths. I was like the little Robin Hood of my time, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor homeless folks in the neighborhood. Five years had passed, my tale had been told all over the Island of Lagos. That was where I earned the name ‘Konkolo Untouchable’. Konkolo because I was small and Untouchable because I’d never been caught stealing. I enjoyed so much love and attention, I felt like a hero. An era came where Mercury was valuable and I knew just where to find it, old antique clocks. To cut the long story short, I was stealing the mercury in that clock over there.”

They looked at the clock on the wall.

“I heard father Eric’s voice from the door, ‘Son, I’m sure God will forgive you and so would I, but you wouldn’t be needing our forgiveness if you don’t steal it.’ Then he laughed so hard and so long I thought he was mad.”

The congregation laughed.

“I didn’t really understand what he said, but who laughs when you are stealing from him? So I jumped down and ran quickly. As I ran pass him he grabbed my hand. I was terrified. ‘Don’t steal again, if you are hungry come to me,’ he said with a smile on his face and let me go. I couldn’t wrap my head around it; it was like poison in my veins. I couldn’t steal anymore, I felt like father was watching me with a smile saying ‘Don’t do it.’ Very swiftly my fate turned and I was no longer a hero. From a nameless boy to great Konkolo untouchable back to being nobody. All my street folks deserted me as I could no longer steal and bring supplies to them. It hurt me so bad to have lost much attention and influence. I became very sick even to the point of death, yet no one came to my rescue except Father Eric. He had been looking for me since our last encounter and finally, he found me half dead. I survived obviously; I was adopted by Him and was given a new name, Eric junior. Now I’m a captain in the Nigerian army. The love and attention I thought I’d lost as Konkolo Untouchable is gained a hundred times over as Captain Eric junior helping people thanks to Father Eric.”

The congregation applauded.

SMC September 2017 Theme



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