CARRIAGE AFFAIRS – By Raphaelmary Chukwudi


She was a Montelo blonde and she was odd. Odd that the Montelos were known for their ancestral black hair. She was the first Montelo blonde.

She made no friend, had dim eyes and little lips not meant for much talk.

If she’d had siblings whether boys or girls or if her parents had been living with her, perhaps her name would have been something pleasant but no, she had no siblings whether boys or girls, her parents were long dead and she lived alone with her grandmother up the hill, so she was called lonely lily.

Again, if she had not been out on her 12th birthday, if her parents had not died the same day, if she had not been sent to mend her broken shoe at the cobbler’s shop, if the cobbler had not fumbled her upcoming fist-like breast and pressed the teats so hard that it made her shiver with rage, no with fear, if the same cobbler had not lifted her skirt to dip his finger inside her young mould, if the cobbler had not pushed his forefinger in and out in successive rhythm to release wetness and moisten her hairs, a quick round he had called it, if she had not screamed at the horror, no the new ecstatic feeling she experienced, if the cobbler had not smelled his finger and called her dirty after he had forced her to unzip him and do to his cock the exact thing he did to her mould with his fingers but had asked her to do so with her mouth with the same precision, accuracy and speed,a mouth job he had termed it, if only he had not forced the full length of his rod down her throat and was releasing milky sap inside her mouth, if she had not been choking and brought down her whole teeth on his stringy rubbery erect tool as his eyes were closed in ecstasy and deep pleasure, if the bite pain had not been so excruciating that he had to mightily bring down his palm on her full cheek, if she had not cried out in pain and ran out without her broken shoe, if she had not developed a strong hatred for anything with a dangling rod and two balls between the thighs, if she had not stabbed the next creature that had intentionally placed his dick between the dividing lines of her butt, if she had not locked herself for four days rebuffing all pleas to unlock the door, if all these had not happened perhaps her name would have been something nice but no, they had all happened and so she was called loony lily. she lived alone as lonely loony lily.

He was a Louisiana giant and very different to the extreme. Different in two ways. First, all the Louisianas were known for their summarized nature but Bidra was large in all ramification. His largeness extended to all parts of his body; his eyes, head, ears, nose, chest, hands, legs and even his cock.

His largeness underneath was a topic for the ladies when they gather in their little courtroom. They joke of how he is left hanging on top of them after full insertion due to how long his tool is. They agonize of how painful his insertions were as they compared his cock’s size to that of a baseball on a full erection. Bidra was different again as he was divorced. The Louisianas were known for their fidelity and faithfulness in their marriages but Bidra was the first to get a divorce though the fault wasn’t his as his ex-wife opted for divorce on the grounds of attempted murder few days after their marriage as she complained to the magistrate of how she bleeds profusely from her vagina after each intercourse. She accused Bidra to the amusement of the court of having a double dick and as she has just one is unable to accommodate his double.

So his oddities and largeness made people christen him Big Bizarre Bidra.

So lily lived as loony while bidra lived as bizarre but none met the other until the Lafarson’s ball. The Lafarsons had thrown a ball and invited all as they marked the 1086th anniversary of the existence of their lineage. Lily had gone though at her grandmother’s insistence while Bidra had gone to enjoy the hushes and murmurings of people as he passes them by and to find an unlucky lady probably a virgin to exercise his ‘manly’ powers on.

The ball went bad as he was unable to get his wishes and he furiously marched to his carriage only to see a pretty lady balanced on the side of his carriage and reading a book. Perhaps the ball wasn’t all that bad he thought to himself as he wondered who would be reading a book in a ball. Guessing who she might be, he cursed his ill luck and pushed her out of his carriage.

Her cry of pain as she fell and sprained her right ankle did not touch him neither did the sight of her blood release any form of pity from him but what really got his attention was the tear in the upper part of her ball gown that revealed a little of her innocent, untainted, untouched nipples. He laughed hard in his mind at how hard she will scream when he gets her down on any horizontal plane at all.

He inquired about her carriage and servants but she revealed to have none. He went ahead to demand how such a pretty lady would be without servants. She explained how she had caught their butler ‘test-sizing’ the skirt of her handmaid in a private corner which had led to their dismissal.

Bidra laughed at that and volunteered to take her home in his carriage.

That decision changed his life.

Lily had innocently entered the carriage still bearing her hate for anything with a rod.

Bidra on the other hand, couldn’t get out of his mind the image of the torn revealing gown and the cups housed within it. He saw her as a pretty little drawing that has not yet been painted and wanted earnestly to add color to this art.

“What did you say happened to your butler and handmaid?” Bidra asked with a dirty smirk.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Lily replied, laying her head on the window and feigning drowsiness.

Bidra drew close to her, raised her head and lifted out some locks from her hair.

“Why honey?” he asked, “I want to hear about it.”

“You are too close.” Lily Cautioned while panting.

Bidra laughed and drew a bit closer.

“Is not like I am going to kiss you or something unless you beg me to do it. Now tell me why you don’t want to talk about your butler.”

“Because…because it makes ….it makes me want you to touch me,” stammered Lily.

Bidra guffawed and brought his head closer to hers.

“Where exactly love, do you want me to touch you?”

“Nowhere.” Lily responded almost immediately.

But Bidra already aroused, pushed a bit further.

“If I touch you here,” asked Bidra, bringing his hands to her shoulders and sliding it down to her breast, “what will you do?”

Lily shivered at his touch and closed her eyes against it.

“Nothing.” She replied, a little terrified.

Bidra laughed and lowered his hands down to her nipples. He reduced his voice to a low growl.

“If I touch your boobs and twist the mouth, will you still do nothing?” he asked tartly as he sexily twisted her nipples.

Lily felt the heat of the twist engulf her in sweet flames. It washed her from her head down to her ‘middle thigh’. She felt the hairs around her vulva drip wet like a tap was turned on.

She tried to breathe in air and the carriage suddenly lacked oxygen as no air was forthcoming.

She panted and gasped. She tried to make him stop but her will was shouting in opposition.

“If I touch you here,” Bidra tried again bringing down his hand to her womanhood, “what will you do?”

Lily gasped more and tried to breath in air but nothing.

Bidra shoved his hand down her skirt, lifted her undies and pushed his fingers down her folder and felt her hairs, her wet hairs.

“Seven hells!” Bidra swore, “you are already wet, you cum for me.”

He gave another low growl and pushed her back knowing that he had her where he wanted her to be.

“I won’t touch you again unless you ask me to.” He finalized.

Lily engulfed with that foreign sensation was not about to let go.

She approached him, not knowing what to do.

“I want you to touch me here,” she shakily said as she touched her breast like it was chilly hot.

“Hmmmm,” smiled Bidra “so what should I do there?”

“I want you to squeeze it till I scream like hell.”

“Now we are getting somewhere,” said Bidra as he drew closer again to her.

“So where again do you want me to touch you?”

“I don’t know!” she screamed as her entropy increased, “please touch me everywhere, I feel like I am burning.”

“That’s more like it. I said you will beg and now you are begging,” laughed Bidra “I will give you the pleasure you desire but what will you give me in return?”

“Anything at all, please quench this fire, please touch me here, everywhere, anywhere please,” Lily begged.

“Very well mi lady, your wish is my command.”

Bidra drew her closer, felt her lips with his fingers, blew air inside her earlobes and kissed her senseless. He kissed her with the passion of his divorced man, he kissed her with the rage of a married bachelor.

Lily screamed his name severally and begged him never to stop.

He tore her bodice in his rage and cupped her two breasts in his hands, he sucked her nipples till they were red with pleasure.

Lily, innocent to these wild acts felt herself drifting in and out of consciousness at the level of pleasure he was giving her. She felt her way round his back with her fingers. She pulled off his belt and almost cut it in her eagerness. She noticed the enormous bulge in his breeches and pushed her hand inside. She was astonished.

“You are quite big!” she gasped.

“Yes love,” he replied tracing his tongue from her left teat to the right and down to her belly, “that’s what the ladies say.”

She felt her pulse rise and fall with each lick.

Bidra aggressively pulled her skirt and everything covering her womanhood. Lily involuntarily raised her hands as a shield to cover herself but was stopped by Bidra.

“Don’t! I want to see you in all your beauty.”

Bidra removed his boots and gently outstretched himself on her. He kissed her again and fumbled her cups with passion. He went down to her mould and tickled the already wet hairs there. He dipped his tongue into it and bit her wet hairs. Lily having waited to her limits and having no intention of waiting longer, forcefully stood, pulled his pant and sucked the whole length of his rod as she had done the cobler’s years back.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Bidra said with all seriousness.

“I rather get hurt than suffer agonizingly like this,” she defended.

Bidra took her in his laps and his rod found its soul mate, its matching pair, its destiny and doom, its partner from the very beginning and it gave a jolly twist.

Lily screamed with all her passion as bidra thrust in and out of her. He laid her on the floor of the carriage and flogged her to the hardest. He inverted her and rolled her on her butts, he inserts the whole length of himself into her hole. Lily screamed more with sweet pain as she grabbed hold of his hairs. Bidra having never experienced such voluntary pleasure rolled her up again with her back on the floor thrust into her in wild strokes with accurate precision. He felt as his precious seed gently flowed from his tool into lily as the last quantum of energy was sapped out of him.

“Thank you,” lily said weakly as her orgasm washed down. “I will never forget this.”

“I’m sorry lily,” Bidra apologized after some few seconds but there was no reply as lily was already fast asleep.

Lily woke up in the morning on her bed as the stray of light from the sun filtered through her window into her room. She felt dizzy at the initial and then a blinding pain crusted inside her mould.

Slowly, the ordeals of the previous night flooded into her mind and she smiled to herself amidst the pains.

She knew within herself that she wasn’t going to remain the same again as she touched her belly and felt the tiny life growing in there.

“I am going to give you an heir Bidra,” she mused “in return for your pleasure.”

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By Raphaelmary Chukwudi

She was a Montelo blonde and she was odd. Odd that the Montelos were known for their ancestral black hair. She was the first Montelo blonde.

She made no friend, had dim eyes and little lips not meant for much talk.


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