Storried 50 Words Story



By Fantastidee

With smiles of embroidered excitement, I sat on the sofa reminiscing.
The day was a splendid one. Finally, my courage ran over as I expressed my feelings to Jessica.
My poetic lines were perfectly taken. She paused and said,’why so long?’ She held and gave me a passionate kiss.

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By – Dannyboi

I sat in my well-furnished office.
Suddenly, felt this coldness in me and stood to check if the air condition was switched on.
The thought from nowhere entrapped me as I wonder what was happening.
Then I remembered all that happened why I was still in the university.

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By Jade

“You’re a good man and I have no doubt you’ll make a lady happy someday but I’m not sure it’ll be me”. She sighed.

“I’m tired of trying to see through your defences; whatever you’ve been holding onto you have to let it go else we don’t stand a chance.”

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By Nelson C.J

You wake up, not seeing as always, although some things are magnified these days; the blank spaces in your journal, the empty shelves, the hangers that now dangle, the abyss in the lining of your insides.

You wake up, leaving-

You never really left.

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By Jade

You complain of the bruises and pains he inflicts on you, it’s been like that for as long as you can remember, but you don’t want to leave him.

You’re in love.

So why complain? looking for sympathy. Clearly, you’re not a victim but an enabler, you condone his evils.

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By Chinasa Purity

She walked up to me, “What group are you in?”

“Group D,” I replied.

“Please, what letter of the alphabet does D start with?”

I stared at her, mouth agape.

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By Godwin Uche Uwadilachi

All he said was he wanted to be lonely. Yes, we understood, what it meant for a man to loose his job and wife.But at nights, uncle would hang around in filthy joints getting oiled with drunkards.

It’s time someone tells him his version of loneliness needs a redefinition.

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We owe it to life or whoever gave it to make something of it.

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By Akinsimoye Samuel Omoniyi

“An opening prayer please,” the Compere called. The bride’s mother blessed the God of the day. She blessed her only daughter’s children pushed to her. As she prayed that the groom lives longer than her daughter’s four deceased husbands, the priest disappeared, the groom vanished, the bride fell, slept looooooong.

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#S50WS – By Terence Jindu

“White garment trash!” He swore – the catholic knight. Wishing his mother not to bother with the barefooted old man. How could she not – he would not remember the holy cane on his naked baby buttocks that gave him life. He would not remember that he was still-born – but she did.

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