HONEY PLOT BLISS – Caring for Your Vagina – By Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan

Ladies, Women and Girls,
Please gather round and let’s talk about our VAGINAL HEALTH. I’ve been wanting to make this post, but busyness will not let me be great.
I’m sure we are all conversant with the major rule that water is the best cleaning agent for our vaginas. No scented soaps, creams, powders etc should go on or into our honey pot in the name of cleaning Biko. Your Punani did not fall into the gutter plus it has an innate ability to sanitize itself, so water does suffice.
That said, today, I will be letting you in on 3 other Vagina Secrets that I have tried, tested and found to be absolutely TRUE.
Very quickly, shall we?
1) Pineapples are a girl’s best friend.
Sweetheart if you want to enhance the fragrance of your honey pot, and you want your man guzzling your juices non stop and begging for more and more cunnilingus time with you, you want to consume more and more pineapples.
I stumbled on this secret, when I went on a diet and I was taking a lot of watermelon and pineapple smoothies. It totally changed the scent of my vagina and even my pee began to smell great. And my boo kept going on and on about …….. you know what I mean. So pineapples girlfriends, you can’t go wrong. Trust me.
2) Your Vagina Loves Yoghurts e.g., Greek Yoghurt.
Please do not deep yoghurt in your vagina. But make it a regular in your diet as much as you can. It’s referred to as a probiotic meal. It helps prevent yeast infections by ensuring the presence of good bacteria and balancing the PH level of the vagina. You can have it with your fruit salads, vegetable salads, nuts and even raisins. It’s absolutely delicious.
How did I find out about this secret? If you are like me, (i.e., possessing a healthy measure of hips and ass) you would notice that you are prone to yeast and other vaginal infections.
Why is this so? It occurs due to the heat between your thighs which brings about a moist environment which in turn enhances the growth of the kind of bacteria that leads to these infections.
My younger sister (a gynecologist) advised that I increase my yoghurt intake. I did and immediately began to experience less and less drama with my honey pot. Quite the relief. So if you are having similar issues, you should definitely try yoghurt. It’s always best to take the preventive route, rather than suffering the effects of infections and popping pills all the time.
3. Coconut Oil is indispensable
Babes, I cannot do without possessing a bottle of natural coconut oil. First and foremost it is so amazing for your skin, but best believe it’s twice as amazing for your vagina.
For those of you who are obsessed with washing the vagina, you can wash with coconut oil. Add a few teaspoons to a bowl of warm water, deep a towel into it and wash your honeypot, It will thank you later.
Storried Honey Pot Bliss
For those of you who react to lubricants, whether or not it’s water based. Coconut Oil is your bailout.
Ladies,make it fun during sex with your partner. Let him watch you apply it on your clitoris and in your honey pot slowly all the while maintaining eye contact and then take some in your mouth  and apply a generous share on his penis with your tongue and lips, massaging soft and slow and watch your man’s eyes roll back into his head. 🤣Trust me, the arousal game in that session would be like none other.
For those of you who have yeast infections and are suffering the symptoms. Coconut oil can serve as a natural treatment for yeast infections.
Take a tampon, pull it apart and bring out the white cotton-like bit you insert into the vagina. Hold it by the string, deep it into a bottle of coconut oil. Let it soak up the oil. Now, fit your tampon back together and insert that cotton bit into your vagina as you would do when you are on your period. You can do this morning and night. You should observe a relief within two days if not one. If symptoms persist, please see your doctor.
I know it’s tough to get natural coconut oil when there are so many adulterated brands in the market. I use a brand called TOR but to be extra sure you can make yours yourself.
Get some coconut, take out the back and cut the coconut into bits. Put it in a blender and blend with water. Pour the blended coconut in a pot and let it boil till the water dries up, reduce the heat and leave it to steam as the oil rises to the top. Then scoop that oil and put it in a bottle. That’s your pure, organic, natural coconut oil.
It was a pleasure sharing this with you dear friends. I know the guys came in to spy, but it’s all good. I love you guys just the same.
And yes, I realize it’s church Sunday.
No day as perfect as this to talk about the part of the body that played a major role in bringing about our existence. Either through sex or birth.
Do have a lovely week ahead lovelies.

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By Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan

Ladies, Women and Girls,

Please gather round and let’s talk about our VAGINAL HEALTH. I’ve been wanting to make this post, but busyness will not let me be great.

I’m sure we are all conversant with the major rule that


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