Letter to the Acting President of Nigeria – By Ayodele Musibau Kusamotu

To : His Excellency, Acting President Yemi Osibajo, Federal Republic of Nigeria

Your Excellency,

The last time I physically had contact with you was by chance at Wheatbaker Hotel in Lagos during your campaign. I had the privilege of deviling for you in two of your legal exploits and both victories were quite momentous, Mrs Judy Asuni’s trial and the Ariel matter. In the Ariel matter , the court when discussing TRIPS said that regardless of the constitutional provision which requires ratification, once Nigeria has signed a treaty, then the country should comply with it and thus the treaty should be respected. There the court made law and opened a wide door for lawyers.I need not go further otherwise my spiel would become obsequious and I don’t want to give that impression.

I had to write this letter as I am unable to reach your Excellency anymore due to the exigencies of the great office.My late Uncle, Dr H.O. Kusamotu[of blessed memory] once told me that a ‘friend in power is a friend lost, I concur, ‘an egbon in power is an egbon lost’.

I wanted to make sure that your Excellency gets this letter and somehow or the other, I believe that it will float into your orbit.I can, however, say that since you are now the Acting President of Nigeria and knowing you as a person, my level of activism, criticism, commendation will increase as this is my own little token to nudge and cheer you on.

Let’s have a heart to heart.

I don’t know whether APC and the Federal Government of Nigeria are synonymous. Does APC speak for the Government or is the government autonomous? This distinction is necessary because I need an urgent reaction from your office in response to your party’s statement to the effect that a committee has been set up by the Party consisting of State Governors with the task of defining ‘ What Nigerians mean by Restructuring’. Your Government should distance itself from that statement. The statement can be likened to that of Queen Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France before the French revolution, when the French people were hungry, rather than address their problems, said ‘give them cake’. She was out of touch with reality and the point I am making is that it is almost like APC is out of touch with reality.Thus Your Excellency, the Government must be autonomous. Granted APC is the platform, but Government should have a mind of its own and Nigerians should know this.

Everybody knows what restructuring means. Every hungry man, unemployed graduate in Nigeria knows what restructuring means. It is due to the failure to recognize this need that there is crisis all over the place. Thus if the Governors have nothing better to do than such a sham, then Sir, it is best to dissociate yourself from this charade.

I will stop here and hope that your Excellency will act on it by assuring us that your Government understands the cries of Nigerians and that a meaningful dialogue will ensue shortly. A revolution is inevitable in Nigeria and I close with the words of the famous American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, ‘those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable’. Please do the right thing and set the stage for a reformed, powerful, united and marching forward Nigeria.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Amen.

With greatest admiration and full respect,

P.S Your Excellency, I think you’ve grown some more grey hair since you took up the challenge as our photograph shows [LOL]

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By Ayodele Musibau Kusamotu

To :His Excellency, Acting President Yemi Osibajo, Federal Republic of Nigeria


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