“Grandpa! We have a full moon tonight, we can’t wait for your story!” Tony exclaimed.

“My children, your faces are looking so radiant is there something I’m missing?” “Grandpa have you forgotten that tomorrow is the new yam festival,” the children echoed!

“Oh! I haven’t forgotten that I’m glad you all are happy, that was the day Omalinze was born.”

“Grandpa who is Omalinze,” asked Chike the Carpenters son.

“Omalinze is the hero of our land, the Agege kingdom. He was referred to as the lion with the serpents brain. The wisest and bravest of all the warriors ever to grace this great land since the time of our forefathers.”

“Can you please tell us about him?” Adaku asked.

“Of course my dear little child I will gladly oblige.”

“‘Linze’ as he was fondly called by his mother was born to a peasant family; his father was a palm wine tapper and his mother was a petty trader. She struggled so hard to keep the family together because the husband was a drunk who drank half of the palm wine he tapped daily. Many wondered how such a pretty woman ended up with such a loser. But fate is quite an interesting factor that makes life unpredictable. At that time the people of Agege were in bondage. Enslaved by the brutal king of Ashora. Legend has it that Agege and Ashora were brothers. Agege was the first son and the apparent heir to the throne. In a quest to usurp the throne, Ashora poisoned the king and stole the ancestral sceptre which was the only criteria for kingship. The sceptre was believed to possess magical powers and whoever was in possession of it was undefeatable. Therefore, with Ashora in possession of this sacred object, no one could dare challenge his authority. He built his empire and took control of all the kingdoms within Agege and it’s environs. Everyone was at their mercy, they maimed at will and punished anyone who dares to challenge their authority.”

storried Omalinze and the sceptre

It was at this cataclysmic period that Omalinze was born. The horrendous circumstances surrounding this poor child made it impossible for anyone to believe that he will ever amount to anything good. Coupled with the fact that he had a lanky frame with a head that will make a coconut jealous. Truly! a black pot should never be judged by its appearance, but by its contents. The young Omalinze grew up like any other child within his neighborhood; there was simply nothing extraordinary about him. His heroic adventure began when he came back home with a mauled leopard, an animal killed only by the strongest warriors and fiercest hunters. His fame spread like wildfire and before long he was everyone’s favorite. That was the sign of great things to come, but nobody was prepared for the strange event that happened in the 20th year of Omalinze’s birth, just before the start of the planting season. This event heralded the beginning of a new era in the Agege kingdom. On the day before the start of the masquerade festival, Omalinze swept the elders of the village off their feet by presenting to them the sacred ancestral sceptre. Before the Elders could ask how? Omalinze requested for fifty valiant warriors to attack the Ashora kingdom. The night of the siege was the longest in the life of the people of Ashora. They say “weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning”. The bloody moon of the battle gave way to the sounds of victory as the warriors of Agege triumphed. The seemingly impossible was made possible. But our hero, the great Omalinze, was badly wounded and he died immediately after the battle. Ashora was annihilated and the kingship of Agege restored. But no one was prepared for the shocking revelation that followed. The sacred ancestral sceptre was discovered in the palace of Ashora safely hidden in the royal box untouched!.

“Grandpa!” Tony interrupted, “If the sacred ancestral sceptre was still in the possession of Ashora which one was presented by Omalinze? And also if the person in possession of the sceptre was invincible how did Omalinze manage to defeat the fearless warriors of Ashora which just fifty men? What exactly happened that night?”

“Mmm! My children, nobody could explain what happened that night, not even Okpanku, the mouthpiece of the gods. It all remains a mystery.


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“Grandpa! We have a full moon tonight, we can’t wait for your story!” Tony exclaimed.

“My children, your faces are looking so radiant is there


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