THE CHIEF CORNERWORD – By Raphaelmary Chukwudi

It’s just a four letter word but the magnanimity of its relevance is overwhelming yet, it is undermined.

That word assures joy in the end no matter how long the tearful nights stretches.

Mama Bomboy refused to hear that word as she mourned her only son.

A son that took her seventeen years to get.

Papa Onyi denied the existence of that word as he lost the only job that cemented the existence of his own family.

Peter spat on that word and went ahead to curse Caleb his friend for bringing up that word after his girlfriend whom he spent almost all his life’s earnings on left him for chief Andy.

But still, that word remains the cornerstone of all things, the sole reason for living, our defense against the scary present, the bride of the future and the inevitable consolation of weepers.

That word has cheered many despondent weepers.

Storried The Chief Cornerword

Nnamdi told me a story of a slave boy who was the father’s favorite. He held onto that word and grew up with it in view of a better future.

But he had one problem; that word holds no water for his brothers and they sold him out as a slave for a little amount. The little slave boy wept for long, mourning the loss of his family and his own dignity. His sorrowful night filled with tears lasted for years until a particular morning when joy came, as that word helped him explain his king’s dream. He later grew up to be lord over his brothers and his nation.

A story was told of a barren woman whose husband got married to another due to her inability to conceive. This woman spent years in tears beseeching her God for a miracle with that word. Her tearful nights together with scorns and taunts by people drove her crazy till her joyful morning came when she was given a son who later became a high priest among her people.

The other day, I overheard Stephen reprimanding Oga Joe for losing faith due to collapse of his business. He told a story of a certain prosperous man whose fate was reversed by Fortuna the Roman goddess of luck just to test his hold on that word. The man’s fortune turned to ill luck.

Yet, he never despaired as he lived and held on to that word. His children were murdered, his livestock were killed and he developed a deadly disease. Even his wife deserted him for his refusal to denounce that word. Still, he lived with that word as a companion until his night of weeping metamorphosized into a joyful dawn.

He married a new beautiful wife, had more animals than before with a pack of lovely sons and daughters.

In the address Jane presented to Unfortunate Women of Africa(UWA), she described a model, a woman of faith whose perfect life was tainted by her barrenness. Even when her husband was punished with dumbness for doubting the existence of that word, she pressed on until her tears was wiped with a son who became best friends with the king of kings and the voice of salvation.

“Despite the night weeping, joy must surely come in the morning,” a wise king once said. It does not matter how long the night may be; days, months, years, decades, Centuries… but one thing is assured; joy comes in the morning.

Mama Bomboy, after the burial of her son, gave listening ears to Nnamdi as he talked to her about that word and she later conceived and bore the president of her country. Papa onyi accidentally listened to the address
given by Jane to UWA and believed the existence of that word. Now, he owns the biggest palm oil production company in the country.

Peter, seeing no other option and having resolved never to believe in that word hung himself due to grief, but never knew that his girlfriend whom he thought left him for chief Andy only went in search of that word for a brighter future for them at his uncle’s hand: chief Andy.
That word saves or enslaves
That word creates or breaks
That word is HOPE


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By Raphaelmary Chukwudi

It’s just a four letter word but the magnanimity of its relevance is overwhelming yet, it is undermined.


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