THE KILLER – By Nwachukwu Obinna

He woke up to the sound of his alarm.

It was 6:30am.

He did his usual morning routine, then left the office.

“Good morning sir” his secretary greeted.

“Good morning Rose” he replied, smiling frantically. “Did he call again today?”

“No sir”, Rose replied, “but he did leave a message”

“Alright Rose, please email it to me right now”

On his chair, he sat, with his head slightly bowed. He reminisced, remembering that night. ‘How could I have been so foolish’ he whispered to himself.

Another message popped up on his monitor.


“Should I call the police?” he thought.

“No, it will be too dangerous”

“How then can I be able to get such a large amount of money within three hours”

On and on the voices danced.

He looked about him.

Something was missing.

He could tell.

But what it was is what he couldn’t tell.

Just a year ago everything was perfect.

With two beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife.

Until that morning.

The lifeless bodies of his two daughters on the floor of his sitting room.

The pistol from the night before was still on his palm.

His wife was nowhere to be found.

He couldn’t remember shooting the revolver.




Silent questions popped his head.

His phone rang.

It was Rose his secretary.

She’s calling to remind him of why she won’t be able to make it to the office.

Another call came in.


“I know of your murder” the very manly voice had spoken.

That was when it began.

The blackmail.

The burden is becoming too heavy upon his shoulder.

His daughters are dead.

His wife was still missing.

And he is being blackmailed for a crime he could swear he never committed.

“How could I have killed my own daughters” a voice spoke inside of him.

“But the gun was in your hand” another voice argued.

Confusion plagued his mind

Flashes of the pretty lady in red on the table next to him surfaced.

Her seductive smile was what lured him to the act.

That was the best night of his life.

Her flexible body swung like the bulb of a swinging pendulum.

A kind of sex he never had with his wife.

“Marry me” she had told him after the blissful two hours.

“I already have a wife” he had replied.

He remembered the red lady’s countenance after that reply.

And the last words she spoke before leaving the hotel room.

“You will regret this” she had said.

“But it’s not possible she could have been the killer” he murmured.

“She doesn’t even know I have daughters”

He couldn’t concentrate in the office.

The words, ‘three hours left’ kept interposing.

He decided to go to the bar.

It was the same bar he was the night before the horror.

Then it came to him.

First like a flash.

Then vividly it reappeared.

Sitting with the lady in red was another lady.

She wore a blonde wig, with a black lipstick on her lips.

She looked familiar.

“It was her” he whispered almost indistinctly at first.

Then he exclaimed.

“It was her!” He kept repeating as he drove back to the office.

He searched all over for the revolver.

Both inside the drawer and under his desk, he searched for it desperately.

“Looking for this?” a voice spoke.

He looked back and there she stood.

With the pistol in her hand, she motioned for him to have a seat.

Storried The Killer

“Why?” he asked.

“Shut up John!” She shouted.

“I have always loved you. I have secretly admired you for a long time”

She paused for a while to wipe off the tear from her left eye then continued.

“But instead you chose her over me. So I decided to make life a living hell for you. And I knew I couldn’t do it except I got very close”

“I watched your every move until it was the perfect time to strike and made it look as if you did it.”

“I paid the lady in red to poison your drink.”

She laughed heartily.

“I knew you would fall easily because of your desire for tall pretty ladies”.

She was so engrossed in her endless speech that she hardly noticed the door opened.


Her body fell very close to her boss’ feet.

“It was Rose,” he said.

“I knew” his wife replied.

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By Nwachukwu Obinna

He woke up to the sound of his alarm.

It was 6:30am.

He did his usual morning routine, then left the office.

“Good morning sir” his secretary greeted.


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