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By Andy Akhigbe

We honoured 24 Mathematics Champions during the 2018 Naija Mathematics Championship for Bayelsa State. We left the students with a message on how to excel at Mathematics by encouraging them take more risks by leaving their comfort zones.

2 days ago


Storried Quote 72018

3 days ago


By Nwachukwu Obinna

I WAS DEAD. So were the words written in red on a paper clipped to the hem of her shirt. He looked about him, shocked at first. And confusing to the sight before him. Her feet dangled, making slow movements as if reacting to an invisible breeze. And her lips were white as if stricken by an unexpected cold.

3 days ago


By John Chizoba Vincent

You as a competitor, you are the least people can fight against. You are beyond the thought of the world. You want to see the sunrise and hope for the coming of the rain to wash away your tears. You the bittersweet and sorrowful added together by a situation. You the thinker, you the creator, you the river of thought beyond the earth. You the looser, you the loosed! Do you feel pains at all?

6 days ago


By Ify Omeni

They stared at her as she lay lifeless on the bed, the noise of the drip fixed to her arm, the only sound in the room.

Her entire body was battered by the fatal accident. A collar held her neck in place. Her eyes were shut and there was not even a flicker of movement in her erect form.

The doctor walked into the room at the moment, checked her vitals, wrote something on the chart beside her bed, a dismal look on his face.

Then he turned grave eyes to the people beside her bed.

2 weeks ago


By Emmiasky Ojex

Hi, it’s your friend
Yeah, your longtime friend
The one whom you thought our relationship has come to

2 weeks ago


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